It is my privilege to work with you-

Stephanie Bonza, Psy.D.

My approach to therapy is best described as collaborative. I work closely with my clients to establish an authentic and productive therapeutic relationship with the goal of creating a safe space for introspection and practical skill-building. I believe that with the right support and guidance, everyone has the potential to find meaning and purpose and to create a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.


I enjoy helping adults and children explore new and healthier ways to resolve conflict and navigate life's challenges, while empowering them to discover their unique strengths and abilities. I understand that therapy can be intimidating and strive to support the individuals and families I work with in a way that is both efficient and enjoyable. I incorporate different strategies for effecting change- especially when working with children and families- which can include the use of humor, art-based therapeutic activities, play-based therapeutic activities, and direct feedback. 

My personal zealous pursuits include hiking, camping, yoga + mindfulness practices, horseback riding, and baseball.  

I believe that the purpose of therapy is to help people gain the confidence they need to overcome the challenges in their lives. More often than not, we already possess the skills and knowledge we need to cultivate change, but could benefit from the guidance and support of an objective professional to confidently apply them. At the end of the day, I believe that happiness and fulfillment is in reach for all of us.


I enjoy helping individuals and families find practical solutions to their problems, while maximizing their innate strengths and abilities. I strive to create a collaborative working relationships with my clients built on mutual respect and understanding. My approach emphasizes personal empowerment and authenticity with an underlying belief that we are the authors of our own stories.

My ideal clients are individuals and families who are ready to take control of their lives and gain freedom from the painful emotions and difficult life experiences that keep them from thriving.

My personal zealous pursuits include reading, playing with my dogs, yoga + pilates, running, and playing tennis.  

I can't wait to meet you-

Michelle Purdu, M.A.

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