At Zeal Family Wellness, LLC, we believe that relationship wellness is the cornerstone to personal success and happiness. We are committed to providing families with a safe and non-judgmental space to develop strategies for coping with challenges and navigating change through open communication, effective emotion management, and healthy conflict resolution skills. We apply a family systems approach that is equal parts compassionate and direct, with an emphasis on establishing respect, trust, and a mutual understanding between family members. We specialize in supporting families looking to resolve issues related to behavior management, parent and child relationship challenges, divorce and separation, blended families, and grief.

Individual Therapy.

Zeal Family Wellness, LLC provides individual counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults. We specialize in helping individuals navigate challenging relationship dynamics including conflict, divorce and separation, communication problems, parent and child conflict, separation or loss, and parenting disagreements. Our clinicians are trauma-informed meaning we are specifically trained and educated to help our clients manage the anxiety, depression, shame, and interpersonal symptoms stemming from childhood abuse, domestic violence, and other traumatic life experiences. Our sessions focus on empowering children, adolescents, and adults to live authentic fulfilling lives through introspection, self-awareness, and assertive communication skills.

Family Therapy.

Marital and Couples Therapy.

Relationships are hard work. Occasionally, unhelpful relationship patterns or behaviors can leave us feeling hopeless and stuck. During these times, it can be beneficial to work with an objective mediator who can help us identify the barriers that prevent us from feeling fulfilled in our relationship with our partner or spouse and form new ways of connecting with them. Our clinicians specialize in supporting couples and partners experiencing issues related to parenting, communication problems, mental health issues, and grief or loss. Our goal is to help married or unmarried couples develop effective communication strategies- grounded in mutual respect and understanding- with the underlying hope of reigniting excitement, satisfaction, and trust within the relationship. 

Court Appointed Services.

Dr. Stephanie Bonza specializes in issues related to parent-child estrangement, co-parenting, and childhood trauma. She receives regular referrals and appointments from the family court system. With over seven years of specialized training and experience, Dr. Bonza is considered an expert in the area of parent and child reunification.


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