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ZEAL FAMILY WELLNESS, PLLC provides teletherapy to individuals and families who reside in the state of Illinois. We utilize a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform to provide safe and secure virtual sessions to our clients.

Your clinician will craft session plans carefully designed to make remote meetings engaging, rewarding and fun. We have incorporated card games, a share your screen function, science experiments, walking tours, and many other strategies to support the children and adults we work with. The pandemic has forced us to pivot into a new way of thinking about how we deliver quality care to our clients and we are excited to continue to offer teletherapy services even after we fully reopen our doors.
We have learned in the past year that not everyone can benefit from participating in therapy remotely. If you are interested in giving teletherapy a try, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a free 15-minute screening.

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